4 good habits to adopt when teleworking

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Teleworking is good. Teleworking well is better. Between the repeated confinements and the democratisation of working from home, one can quickly develop unfortunate habits. Wallowing on the couch, computer on your lap, in your pyjamas is not what you would call an atmosphere that promotes dynamism and productivity. The House of Coworking gives you some tips on how to pace yourself during a teleworking day like a pro.

The morning routine

Alone, with others, in a video conference or hidden behind a mountain of files, there is no getting around the morning routine. You should plan for a shower, comfortable but professional clothes and a real breakfast. All these little elements will allow you to be operational when you start work, and to immerse yourself in a studious atmosphere.

Keeping up with teleworking

For maximum productivity, draw up a daily timetable. Include break times and a real boundary between work and personal life. Plan schedules and prioritise your tasks. Break times should be planned and respected, so as not to lose concentration. Take the opportunity to stay active: a quarter of an hour's walk, a few stretches, or at least a quick trip outside for a change of air. A more active break will keep your muscles toned, reducing possible tension and back pain.

No slacking off in teleworking!

So yes, the house is necessarily more comfortable than the office. But if you don't want to end up with a bad back and blocked necks, you have to be careful. It's unthinkable to work slumped over on the sofa, the bed or an old armchair. To avoid bad posture and the associated pain, sit with your back straight at a table or desk. If you are working with a monitor, make sure you place it 60cm from your face, with the top of the screen slightly below your eye level to avoid neck pain.

Get out!

Even if everything is possible online nowadays, try to schedule some of your meetings face-to-face whenever possible. Isolation can be a formidable enemy of your morale. So keep on living, keep on seeing people, and if the flexibility of teleworking has won you over but the loneliness is getting to you, why not consider a compromise? Many coworking spaces are opening their doors all over France, and allow you to combine the advantages of teleworking with the advantages of an office. 

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4 good habits to adopt when teleworking

Teleworking is good. Teleworking well is better. Between the repeated confinements and the democratisation of working from home, it is easy to take

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